In 2019 Hamburg joined the global Fab City initiative. The plan is to become a “Fab City”.

By 2054 Fab Cities want to be able to produce anything they consumer by themselves. No doubt this is an utopian goal! Facing climate change, limited resources and sustainability (not only environmentally) we need to act now.

The Fab-City-Konsortium

Behind the global Fab City Initiative and the recently created Fab City Foundation are among others the P2P Lab at the technical university Tallinn, the IAAC in Barcelona (also founder of the first Fab Lab in Barcelona), the P2P Foundation, the Fab Foundation and the Center for Bits and Atoms at M.I.T.

Hamburg is the first german city that wants to become a Fab City. Globally these cities are already part of the network:

Next step for the Fab City Hamburg consortium (Hamburg’s Ministry  for Economics, Transport and Innovation - BWVI is among many others part of it) will be to define a common strategy to reach the Fab City goal.

Further information:

Website of the global Fab City initiative: https://fab.city

White paper describing the concept: https://fab.city/uploads/whitepaper.pdf

1 page Fab City Manifesto: https://fab.city/uploads/Manifesto.pdf

Hamburg's memorandum about the initiative to become a Fab City:

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