Ordinary members

Code für Hamburg e.V.
Since 2014, the association has been passionate about open knowledge, programming and experimenting with everything that open data has to offer. Code für Hamburg gives workshops for young and old, and supports other associations in their digital tasks.
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Fab Lab Fabulous St. Pauli e.V.
In 2011, Fabulous St. Pauli founded the first Fab Lab in Hamburg on St. Pauli. The non-profit association offers the typical Fab Lab equipment and a community that has grown over the years, from which various other Labs and projects in Hamburg have already been initiated. The Fab Lab is open to the public on the weekly Open Lab Day, and to members on all days. It is currently located in the Oberhafen Quarter in Hall 413.
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Goldschmiede Killinger GbR
Enrique Killinger of Goldsmith Killinger is happy to support Fab City Hamburg with his craftsmanship. Precise work with metal, wood and other materials is part of everyday craftsmanship. Aesthetic demands are placed on every piece. As a member of Precious Plastic Hamburg, future orientation and the conscious use of the city’s resources are very important to Enrique. 
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Hamburger Institut für Wissensmanagement und Wertschöpfungssystematik UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
HIWW is an interdisciplinary innovation consultancy founded in 2015. The institute supports organisations with innovative methods and management approaches in the development fields of Open Production (networked production, urban manufacturing, maker spaces, fab labs, additive manufacturing, modular production systems), Open Innovation (idea competitions, community building and mass collaboration), Open Knowledge (knowledge and cooperation management, digital learning and open educational resources).
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Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft mbH
Since 2010, the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, an institution of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, has been the umbrella, space and contact point for all actors from the creative industries. To this end, the society offers a diverse range of services consisting of workshops, lectures and events as well as assistance in the form of individual consultations, coaching and crowdfunding. In addition, the society supports creatives in financing and finding work spaces. As a hub for artists, developers and founders of all kinds, Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, especially with its in-house Cross Innovation Hub, is an impulse generator for exchange and a change of perspective in Hamburg’s creative industry.
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Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training – Lab (HCAT+) e.V.
Since its foundation by Senate resolution in November 2014, the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training – Lab (HCAT+) e.V. has been developing, coordinating and supporting projects in the field of aviation education. The association is particularly concerned with the work organisation and qualification implications of new technologies. HCAT+ is an instrument of the Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation and acts as a moderator of the “Personnel and Qualification” pillar in the aviation cluster Hamburg Aviation. Its members cover the entire aviation education chain, from the local anchor companies Airbus and Lufthansa Technik to the aviation industry, the supplying industry, the local universities and the city’s partners in vocational training.
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Helmut-Schmidt-Universität/Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg
The Value Creation Systems research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been working on value creation in the bottom-up economy, at Helmut Schmidt University, since 2009. As part of the applied research, the Open Lab (Open Source Fab Lab) was founded in 2016 and in 2019 the initiative was taken to make Hamburg a Fab City.
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HoFaLab e.V.
Since 2019, the HoFaLab has been “Your Fab Lab in Wilhelmsburg”, a place for creative production as well as artistic research. HoFaLab e.V. is aimed at (media) artists, tinkerers and anyone interested in learning how to use technology in everyday life in a self-determined and responsible way. To this end, we promote the acquisition of new technologies and production methods in workshops in the neighbourhood. The focus is on the shared experience of application and the HoFaLab as a contact point for people with and without expertise.
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House of All UG
House of All is a community-driven circular model for fashion where people can participate globally in the design process and then buy or rent the regionally produced clothing. The House of All is developing software that allows people to design their own clothes without specialised knowledge. An asset management tool allows the production processes to be realised with regional production. This principle (cosmo-local production) promotes local value creation and the use of clothing in regional groups. Workshops and rental will start here soon. 
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Impact Hub Hamburg GmbH
Impact Hub Hamburg supports entrepreneurs and start-ups in implementing their ideas for a more sustainable world – through an inspiring location in Altona, a strong global community and supportive programmes. In addition, the Impact Hub supports established organisations and companies in their transformation to sustainable business models and strategies, aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
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Libre Solar Technologie GmbH
Libre Solar develops components for renewable and decentralised energy supply as open source hardware. The schematics, circuit boards and associated software are available on GitHub for rebuilding, customising and sharing.
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Miraico is an engineering company founded in 2018 for scientific consulting in the fields of digital fabrication, manufacturing technology and open source hardware.
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Welcome Werkstatt e. V.
Since 2017, the Welcome Werkstatt from Barmbek has been the first open district workshop in Hamburg East. The association offers space, tools and good advice for its approximately 50 members and guests on the topics of wood and metal work, electronics and 3D printing.
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