Communication is one of the most important aspects in the Fab City community. Therefore, it is particularly important for us to use a central and modern communication platform.

Since we want to involve more and more interested parties and at the same time there are a lot of topics we are working on, we have consciously decided against a closed group messenger solution like WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal. Instead, after extensive testing, we ended up with Matrix and now operate our own home server in the Matrix network:

What is Matrix?

Matrix is a free standard for decentralised, federated and encrypted communication over the internet. This means: Similar to e-mail or Internet Relay Chat (IRC), anyone interested can use this standard in their software. Therefore, there are potentially many different messenger programmes that can all communicate with each other via Matrix. Since Matrix is still relatively new, there is currently an “official” and recommended messenger called Element.

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The messenger “Element” is a free, decentralised alternative to Slack and Co.

How can I get started?

The fastest way to join our Matrix spaces:

  • Download the messenger Element free of charge for your platform (Element is available directly in the browser, as a download for Windows, Linux and macOS and as an app for Android and iOS).
  • After starting the application/app, select “Create account” (Account erstellen) and in the next step “Advanced” (Erweitert). Enter as the home server address.
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  • In the next step, create your own account with any user name and password and log in with it.
  • After joining our server, you will find yourself in the room Under “Explore public spaces” (Erkunde Räume) you will find all other public spaces.
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